MAGIC Programme

The MAGIC programme offers young people the opportunity to develop a wide range of crucial life skills that they can use immediately and throughout their lives:

Goal achievement
Confident communication

MAGIC provides the platform for young people to recognise their self-worth and what is actually important to them. This enables them to be better equipped to face the challenges of life and make positive and significant decisions around their future. Designed to complement both formal and informal education, the MAGIC course provides a way for young people to explore and enhance their development in an enjoyable, interactive and safe environment. 

The benefits for a young person completing the MAGIC course include:

MAGIC Youth Coaching Programme

Aimed at 11 to 21 year olds, the course consists of six modules, usually delivered over a period of eight weeks comprising of 2-hour workshops. Within this structure, there is flexibility and I will work with you to identify your specific requirements.

With an established track record in schools and community settings, the MAGIC programme is known to help young people achieve dramatic and positive results in their levels of motivation, assertiveness, goal achievement, initiative and ability to communicate with confidence.  

What makes MAGIC different?

As the aspects of personal development covered by MAGIC are rarely covered by formal or informal curricula and education, the programme offers young people the opportunity to discover abilities, skills and realise potential they never knew existed – all through a wide variety of highly interactive activities completed during MAGIC programme participation.

MAGIC ‘classes’ are not taught but facilitated; the focus remains constantly on the participants and their needs, and a session is shaped around the outcomes of activities, group cohesion and level of interactivity. We believe that simply ‘teaching’ young people can only go so far to their overall development. Coaching has the capability to go deeper into the minds and hearts of young people and draw out the values, beliefs, motivations, skills and goals that make participants tick.  

MAGIC Accreditation

MAGIC is academically accredited at Levels 1, 2 and 3 by the Open College Network (OCN). For the participant, completion of the MAGIC programme would provide a valuable additional qualification that could be highlighted on their Curriculum Vitae or indeed on applications for continued or further education. Many of the skills gained from MAGIC are highly desired by both employers and educators. 


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