Goal mapping for children

Goal Mapping for Children - 'Seven Magic Keys for Success'

One- to-One sessions for children age 10 upwards specifically designed for goal achievement.  

The 7 Magic Keys for Success helps young students learn the life-long skill of raising their aspirations, setting expectations, and attaining goals. Goal Mapping is designed to unlock a child’s potential and help them achieve their best results by activating the whole of their brain through the use of words and pictures.

Part one covers the seven universal principles of success that act as the foundations for the Goal Mapping technique. Part two features the seven universal rules for goal setting, seven questions to help the child become clear about what they want and the seven steps for creating a Goal Map.

The aims and goals of this programme are to:

This programme is taught on a one-to-one basis and includes a Students Workbook and Sam the Magic Genie story book by Brian Mayne.  For more information please contact me on 01285 760111.


Call I-Lan on 01285 760111 or email enquires@ilancoaching.co.uk