Empowering Youth to Succeed

Empowering Youth to Succeed (Personal development workshops supporting PSHE in schools and young people in communities)


About the programme

The programme involves a series of 7 themed 2 hour workshops developed and created to compliment, support and enhance the personal and social aspects of PSHE education in schools. Managing Emotions, Response-Ability, Golden Goals (goal setting consists of two workshop sessions), Confidence and Self-Esteem, Effective Communication, Changes and Transition.

The sessions are designed to be fun and interactive and include a range of activities and exercises that all have a purpose to achieve a specific learning outcome. 

Workshops are flexible and exercises and content can be adapted and adjusted to suit the specific requirements and needs of individual schools. All workshops are scalable so can be delivered to different age groups and are suitable for pupils in both Primary (Key Stage 2) and Secondary schools.

The workshops aim to raise the student’s awareness and perspective of themselves and their environment, providing them with a range of essential life skills and useful tools that will empower them to create good habits and behaviours, instil confidence and self-esteem and increase motivation to enable them to be the best that they can be!

For more information on workshop content please call 01285 760111 or complete the contact form to receive a programme brochure.


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